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How to Become an Aged Care Worker

How to Become an Aged Care Worker Posted on February 10, 2019

Aged care may seem gloomy or undesirable for others who haven’t tried it yet. However, if you have experience working in this field for years, you’ll find that it is really a fulfilling career after all. Aged care workers need to be more patient and empathic with their patients to be able to meet their needs better. They also need to naturally love helping the elderly because that is what you’re going to do most of the time. Feeding, showering, changing clothes and caring for their home become common activities when you’re taking care of the elderly. Aside from that, you also need to be ready to provide emotional support when your patients need it. If you’re in, then here are the additional requirements before you can become a certified aged care worker.

Professional Skills

You need to take special courses on aged care to be certified in the field. Through this, you can learn the necessary techniques and tools you need to serve your patients better. You also get the full picture on all the requirements needed to perform the role. You can search online for a complete list of
aged care programs in Warrnambool.

Work Experience

Work experience is essential in almost any field. By having experience, you have an insight on how to perform your tasks and duties in real-life situations. Some courses offer work placements to increase their students learning by incorporating actual experiences into lectures. Don’t forget to write this down on your resume to increase your chances of getting hired.

Qualities of a Good Aged Care Worker

In order to become a successful aged care worker, one must possess these following traits.

  • Caring and Supportive – Taking care and supporting the elderly in their daily activities is one of the basic responsibilities of an aged care worker. Some patients need constant assistance in everything which could include even personal activities.
  • Good communication skills – The key to understanding the needs of your patients is to communicate with them. Also, elderly patients usually have no one around to talk to for the whole day. Keeping them engaged in a great conversation brings light to a dull day.
  • Patience – You should have plenty of this to be able to take care of your patients well. Be kind and understanding to your patients.
  • Empathy – Being able to connect with your patient emotionally helps you understand them more and meet their needs better. Be keen on emotional cues.
  • Physically fit – Maintaining a healthy and fit body is a must in this job. You need to be strong and at the good shape in order to assist your patient in their needs. There will be times that you have to do some heavy lifting when taking care for them so staying fit is a plus.
  • The desire to help – When pursuing an aged care career, you should have a natural desire to help others, especially the elderly since it is your main task.

Pursue your dream career now. Who knows? Maybe your career will turn into a passion after years being in aged care.


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