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How to Reduce Damaging Your Skin?

How to Reduce Damaging Your Skin? Posted on April 19, 2018

Who else is on a quest to take care of their skin? Here are some must-read tips to make things easier!

Stop Being Lazy

Some people feel too lazy to wash their face when they are exhausted. Although you are merely focused on going to bed and getting some rest after a long day, think twice about the negative effects your skin would suffer from all that grime, dirt and oil that has been stuck inside your pores all day. Procrastinating when it comes to the cleansing of pores on your skin can cause breakouts, bacterial infections, and even rashes. The late teens and early twenties are the time when you have to deal with breakouts, acne and other skin conditions due to hormonal conditions. However, if you neglect taking care of your skin and cleansing its pores depending on daily exposure to dust, dirt and grime, you might be forced to deal with breakouts in your 30s too!

Make the Right Choice When It Comes To Cosmetics

There is a huge choice of cosmetic products on the market today, unlike a decade ago. There are cosmetics with organic contents and some others with harmful chemicals. You could try out a few options if you are thinking of changing lanes to the natural and organic products, which are extremely good for maintaining healthy skin. You can look for the best clay mask, face wash and even body wash that is suitable for your skin type.

Get Enough Shut-Eye

Do remember that your skin repairs itself when you are asleep and not getting enough sleep, that is at least eight hours, will surely result in your skin looking dull, having a worn-out complexion and a tired look. Plus your skin would look aged and exhausted along with dark circles that are quite hard to deal with.

Coffee Instead Of Sleep? NO!

Unfortunately for serious coffee lovers, caffeine is another way to dry your skin instantly and age it quickly. If you are drinking too much coffee daily and not getting enough sleep, your skin will go from fresh and nourished to dull and dry almost instantly. When you are thirsty, make sure that you opt for options like natural fruit juice and hydrating serums. These will hydrate your skin effectively. And just as you are rushing to include everything else in your busy schedule, ensure that you allocate enough time for sleep as well.

Try Not To Drink Too Much

Sure, it is fun to sip a glass of wine or a cocktail when you go out. However, chugging alcohol on a daily basis and a lot of it can be deadly for your skin. There’s nothing wrong with having a drink now and then. But alcohol can also dehydrate your skin. If having too many drinks is a vice you just cannot get rid of and if you are serious about getting that supple skin you’ve been dreaming of, you should go ahead and stop drinking too often. Have a glass of water for every glass of alcohol that you drink.