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Reasons Why an Ultrasound Is Important During Pregnancy

Reasons Why an Ultrasound Is Important During Pregnancy Posted on September 11, 2019

An ultrasound check can provide lots of necessary information regarding the status of a pregnancy and the growing baby inside the womb. With the use of high-frequency sound waves, images are formed and are shown on a monitor or screen – from the placenta, the state of the uterus and how the baby is developing inside the mother’s womb. Having an ultrasound check at certain times during pregnancy helps a lot in detecting of birth issues early on and having a smoother pregnancy and delivery.

There are different kinds of ultrasound – transvaginal, 3-D, 4-D and a lot more. To make it more convenient for patients, some clinics offer pregnancy ultra sounds bulk billing to make medical imaging services more accessible to everyone.

 Here are the reasons why it is important to schedule an ultrasound check during pregnancy.

Know the Gestational Age

One main purpose of having an ultrasound aside from confirming the pregnancy is to know how old the developing foetus inside is. By knowing the gestational age, your doctor can estimate your due date and check if the foetus is developing well according to its age. With this information, you’ll have an assurance that the baby will be delivered at the right time and not too early or late.

Determine and Monitor Multiple Pregnancies

Since an ultrasound scan gives a picture of what’s happening inside the womb, the doctor can determine early on if you’re carrying multiples – twins, triplets, etc. A multiple pregnancy needs to be monitored regularly because sometimes it carries special risks or complications. With regular monitoring, your doctor can detect problems earlier and find an intervention as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Determine Problems with the Placenta

Aside from the developing foetus, another thing that is checked and monitored during a pregnancy is the placenta. Complications to the placenta greatly affect the health of both the baby and the mother. Knowing the condition and location of the placenta helps a lot for a safe delivery.

Monitor Foetal Growth and Position

Monitoring the growth of the foetus inside the womb is essential in determining its health. If it falls either behind or above the expected norms, there might be a developmental issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The earlier it gets solved, the smoother the pregnancy will be. Aside from monitoring growth, an ultrasound scan also helps the doctor determine the position of the baby inside the womb. Knowing the foetal position is important because it greatly affects the method of delivery you’ll have to undergo.

Know If There Are Congenital Abnormalities Present

Congenital abnormalities can be determined through an ultrasound scan. By determining the presence of any congenital problem, the parents can be prepared early on how to deal and care for their baby after birth.

Check the Amniotic Fluid

The level of amniotic fluid significantly affects the overall condition of the pregnancy. Too little or too much of this fluid can be a sign of pregnancy issues which needs to be addressed immediately to avoid complications later on.

Having a regular ultrasound scan is one of the things that help maintain a healthy pregnancy and delivery.