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Switching to Electronic Smokes and What You Should Know

Switching to Electronic Smokes and What You Should Know Posted on January 4, 2018

While we all know that smoking is not exactly the best habit around, there are still millions of people who smoke around the world. Some of them quit, some do not, and some others look to replace with alternatives, such as electronic cigarettes. Quite frankly, in this digitally-driven age, it is not all that surprising to see that even cigarettes have been influenced by technology. And though they have definitely risen in popularity over the years, many are still a little perplexed about what they exactly are about. So here is an introductory look at them.

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Resembles the Real Thing As Close As Possible

Well, it does not look exactly like a cigarette, but close enough. Actually the e-cigarette design was the result of much contemplation, as studies showed that smokers typically found it hard to quit not just because of addiction to tobacco and nicotine, but also the action involved in smoking. So the act of puffing, inhaling and exhaling the smoke was found to be just as addictive, so if the e-cig was going to try and replace this, it had to mimic these actions as closely as possible. Which it does. It even release smoke!

Less Tobacco Consumption

Of course this is not written in stone or anything, but many who switch and others who generally conduct research into such topics have claimed that e-cigs have the ability to promote less tobacco consumption. Since an e-cig has a unique set up to it, it does not typically depend on tobacco, instead making use of cartridges that are in turn filled with a liquid that contains all the rest of the ingredients, including nicotine and flavours. When looking to buy ecigarette online, you can browse through various makes and options, there are so many out there.

Non-Nicotine Types

Some smokes may argue that smoking is not really smoking unless there is nicotine involved, but do not succumb to such peer pressure. Basically, if you or someone you know is trying hard to quit smoking but is, as mentioned above addicted to the whole act of smoking, there is now the option of non-nicotine e-cigs. Obviously there will not be any ‘feel-good’ effect to it, except for the fact that you have spared your body further damage. If you feel like you would like to try it out and see whether it works for you, by all means go for it.

The Right E-Juice

Just as much as the cigarettes themselves are electronic, well the juice it uses needs to be too. Also known as e-juice or e-liquid, and there are a myriad of flavours along with different nicotine strengths that one can choose from at will. Make sure you use good quality e-juice, not just to ensure your e-cig lasts longer, but also to make sure you do not fall ill or have some other calamity befall you all because you inhaled the wrong smoke. Do your research thoroughly beforehand, and ask around from those who may have some experience with the whole subject.