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Tips for Dealing with Unexpectedly Negative Effects of Weight Loss

Tips for Dealing with Unexpectedly Negative Effects of Weight Loss Posted on May 23, 2018Leave a comment

Life after losing excess fat should be filled with happiness and a sense of accomplishment, right? For the most part, yes. But there’s a darker side to weight loss that the usual experts don’t comment on.

If you lose tens of pounds of weight over a span of a few months, don’t expect life afterwards to be all tight fitting clothes and swimsuits. You may have to deal with some unpleasant conditions that you never saw coming, such as a serious amount of stretch marks. It doesn’t really end there. Here are several important tips for dealing with the bad side effects of weight loss:

Sagging Skin

The skin doesn’t instantly adapt to shrinking weight. If you lose weight too fast, you may end up with a particularly unsightly sagging skin. Some sagginess may naturally disappear. However, if there’s a lot of “extra” skin just hanging off your belly, you may need to opt for surgery. There are non-surgical solutions as well, such as building muscle, using sunscreen, and applying collagen-boosting creams on your skin. The best way to prevent sagging skin is to lose weight gradually, no more than two pounds per week.

Droopy Boobs Surrounded by Extra Skin

If you are a woman, the shape of your breasts may take a serious hit as you lose weight. Boobs are mainly fat, which is fat gives them the round shape. When you lose the fat underneath, the breasts may begin to sag or shrink. You may be left with droopy looking boobs surrounded by saggy skin as a result. Not to panic, you can consider breast augmentation surgery to get your boobs back into shape if it doesn’t naturally.

Excessive Stretch Marks

You don’t get stretch marks as you lose weight necessarily. But you do get them as you gain weight. When you lose weight, these stretch marks would just become more apparent. Our skin is elastic so it stretches. It can lose its elasticity when the fat stored under skin is drastically reduced, as it happens during weight loss.

There is no real cure for stretch marks, unfortunately. But you can reduce the level of stretch marks by keeping the skin moisturised. Use a moisturizer regularly, especially on problem areas. Consuming foods rich in vitamins that boost collagen that keep skin firm may also help. If the stretch marks are severe, you may have to resort to surgical intervention.

Sleep Problems

You are supposed to sleep better with more exercise and a healthy weight, right? Well, when you lose weight that naturally means your diet is changing. Your body responds to these dietary changes by changing chemicals in the brain. Without resorting to a chemistry lesson, understand that you may feel more active at night due to loss of calories in the diet. You can overcome this condition by eating foods that boost tryptophan levels in the brain, such as dairy products and cashews. Go to bed at the same time each night until your sleep cycle resorts back to normal.

You can avoid many of the above issues by losing weight only gradually, so your body can get used to the loss of calories and fat. Don’t try diets that require you to starve yourself, because that would naturally worsen many of the effects mentioned above.


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