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Warning Signs of Substance Abuse

Warning Signs of Substance Abuse Posted on February 22, 2019

Many people struggle with substance abuse. It may be drugs or even alcohol. The negative impacts of this substance abuse may be affecting a person in such a way that it may have drastic effects on their life. Essentially a person suffering from such a condition may even be unaware that they have approached a very critical stage in their path. It is our responsibility to be able to recognize certain things in our friends or loved ones and offer them the help they need. It is not an easy thing to identify people with substance abuse struggles, one of the main reasons for this is that thy often tend to be isolated from everyone and carry on their habits in silence away from the eyes of others. This type of behaviours can instantly spiral out of control and lead to many catastrophic events in that person’s life. Even though it may seem difficult to identify people of this sort, there are some indicating factors that we can look out for.

Their Behaviour and Mood Alters

People who are suffering from alcohol abuse tend to be quite irritable and frustrated. They may not be people of such behaviour or mood generally and may start to detect these characteristics as they increase their severity of addiction. They may not always be in the best of moods or they may have a very inconsistent mood that changes consistently. This type of mood swings is easy to notice. So, get your friend or family member the treatments they require such as alcohol rehabilitation centres or recovery programs. Their refusal to accept this help should not be a limiting factor, instead you must persist to give them this much needed help.

They May Start to Make Excuses for Their Alcohol Consumption

When you start to notice that your friend or family member is using alcohol as an excuse for the problems in their life, this can be a direct indication that they are going to the wrong end of the spectrum. Initially you could try to communicate with them and make them see sense, but this should not be done in a demanding or aggressive manner that makes them view you as a condescending person. Instead it should be done with compassion and not make it too much of a big deal to them even though it actually is. Slowly get it out of their routine drinking by incorporating a different activity for that time.

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Ignoring Responsibilities and Other Obligations

If you start to notice that your friend or family member is giving up on their responsibilities and other obligations to spend their time drinking away, it might be time to wave the red flag and get their attention. When you start to notice that their actions are going towards the negative side of things, start to take action to change things around before they are too late. This may not seem as it is said; some people are more stubborn than others and will not see the way of their things. This should not stop us from helping our loved one and we just persist to help them get better.