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Why Physiotherapy Is Ideal for Back Pains

Why Physiotherapy Is Ideal for Back Pains Posted on March 1, 2019

Over 80% of our population suffer from back pains at some point in their lives. If you are one of them, you know the struggles that come along with it.  It does not only affect you physically but slowly it turns into mental torture too. Back pains can really impact on your work and your general ability to move around freely throughout the day. There are a variety of reasons why we face back pains, each person has a different reason from the other. Such as unhealthy lifestyle, poor physical conditions, Improper bending and lifting and many more. However, that does not justify why you must deal with it every day.

The answer to this problem is physiotherapy. A lot of us know the word, but we refrain from understanding the magic it can do. Let’s find out how physiotherapy works and helps.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy uses different methods and techniques to help restore movement and function to anyone affected by an injury, health condition or disability. Physiotherapy is a form of therapy that can help you achieve movement for life.

Physiotherapists use immaculate knowledge to understand what and how the cease in movement or function has been caused. They use hands-on clinical skills to diagnose, assess and treat your symptoms. They also help you to prevent further injuries and heart diseases.

Physiotherapy is used to treat a variety of health problems like heart issues, muscular problems, joint, tissue and bone issues, chest and lung problems and issues related to the brain and nervous system. Physiotherapists work in hospitals, schools, medical centres, workplaces, communities and private clinics.

How Does Physiotherapy Help with Back Pains?

Generally this is how it works. A physiotherapist identifies the root cause of your problem, they also diagnose the factors that affect your back, and then they design a treatment plan that suits your body best. Before suggesting any sort of program, they note down all of your present diseases, allergies and types of medication you consume. Usually, Back pain Geelong can be cured by physiotherapists. So if you are suffering from regular back pains. It is time to treat it and remove the suffering.

Once you get started with the designed program, they exercise and manipulate the back. They also further assess your case and give professional advice on how to cure the pain long term. Physiotherapists provide professional assessment and advice that suits your case. 

Physiotherapists use three main ways to cure back pains.

  1. Manual therapy: It includes precise hands-on therapy to relieve stiffness and improvesthe movement of the joints and muscles of your spine.
  2. Movement exercises: These exercises are adopted by physiotherapists to cease radiating pain and restore motion.
  3. Progressive strength exercises: these exercises focus primarily on core stability and endurance. PSE is recommended for chronic back pains along with the first two options.

Sticking to a prescribed fitness plan for a long time takes a lot of motivation and dedication. And it will definitely make you wonder whether you should be doing it or not. Unfortunately ignoring health problems will not make them disappear. It will only keep coming back. So yes, even that fitness plan is going to change your life for better. Just a sprinkle of motivation and determination is essential.