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Four Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Bra For Your New Breasts

Four Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Bra For Your New Breasts Posted on December 7, 2017

Having your breasts altered cosmetically would have been a life-changing experience. You are probably celebrating this new enhancement to your body while also getting used to your new look.

Altered breasts are obviously going to look and feel different. That is the whole reason why you invested your time and money in getting them done. However, like any other change in life, new breasts will require you to make a few adjustments. This specifically applies to changing your wardrobe. Your bra would be the most important thing to change. If you are ready to go looking for the perfect bra for your new body, here are a few tips to look out for.

Get Fitted With a Professional

A mistake most women around the world make is not getting fitted for their bras. This is sometimes due to them being uncomfortable with letting someone else take measurements, sometimes due to the lack of time, but most times due to complete ignorance. The benefits of actually getting fitted and finding out your real bra size are ample. You can avoid all the back pains, shoulder pains and sagginess that you experience with flawed bra sizes this way.

Get the Bra Type That Will Best Suit Your New Body

Adapting to your new size after a breast augmentation can be a little challenging. Therefore, it is vital that you get a bra that best supports the additional weight and size. Most doctors recommend sports bras with additional front covering that is provided via a zip. This bra not only gives you the support you need, but also allows your body to be shaped beautifully. The zip can be adjusted according to the kind of clothes you wear and the exposure level you desire.

Underwire Or Not, It’s Completely Your Choice

While most women prefer a bra with underwire after breast surgery, it may not be the ultimate solution for you. It is completely up to you to decide which option works best. Underwired bras however, do provide better support and shaping. And they also work best with any kind of attire. Especially if you are hoping to wear a strapless or tube style bra, having an underwire will give you an extra sense of confidence.

Try On A Few Brands Before You Find the Perfect One

One struggle every woman truly understands is the task of finding a perfect bra. This is something you’ll have to deal with even after your surgery. The brand of bra that you wore prior to the alteration may not have a design that suits your current requirement. Therefore, you will have to do a little bit of shopping and fitting on before settling on the perfect fit. However, this will be worth the time and effort. Once you find the ideal bra, it’ll be matter of getting more of it when you require. It’s the first one that is always going to take a little time.