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5 Different Types of Pregnancies

5 Different Types of Pregnancies Posted on May 1, 2022

When we think pregnancy, most often we believe there are only 2 possible methods of delivery. For instance, a natural birth or C-section. Let me be the first inform you that this is simply not the case. Yes, it is a simple term which can have a variety of complications associated with it.

The next time you see a pregnant woman on the train, walking in the park or consuming a chocolate tart at a local coffee shop, you will probably never see her the same way again. Now, let’s get into it, here are five different categories of pregnancies:

1.      The Intrauterine

No this is not a space alien that has taken over the female human as a host. This is actually the general term bestowed on normal pregnancy. It may not hear or look normal when reading, but this is as normal as normal pregnancies get.

The foetus is within the uterus and placenta is attached to the uterus. If you are hoping for this type of pregnancy, you can carry out some tests when you are trying to get pregnant. I would recommend two types of pregnancy test to get the most accurate results possible.

2.      The Intra-Abdominal

This actually comes into play frequently if the precious mother has had a C-section before. This is because the scar left by the C-section could grow weak and it could result in some unpleasant tearing during a new term of pregnancy which could lead to the foetus slipping into the abdominal area.

Viability of pregnancy in contingent on the gestational period of the foetus when a tear does take place. If you were unaware, there have been several intra-abdominal pregnancies that have gone undetected but have called for a hysterectomy post-birth.

3.      The Ectopic

When the fertilized egg happens to be away from the fallopian tube or uterus, it is known as an ectopic pregnancy. This means that the egg could be located in the abdomen or even at the neck of a woman’s uterus. This is extremely dangerous and life threatening as the foetus could easily succumb to death. This is because the pregnancy will become non-viable and the body could automatically and spontaneously abort the foetus.

4.      Multiple Pregnancies

A multiple pregnancy occurs when several eggs become fertilized within the same time frame. When two sperms enter an egg or when a single sperm enters an egg it divides into 2 zygotes during the fertilization process. If more than a single egg is fertilized, the pregnancy will lead to birthing fraternal twins. One the other hand, if one egg splits into multiple zygotes you can expect identical twins! If you have heard about twins and triplet, know that it falls under the category of multiple pregnancy.

5.      The Molar

Molar pregnancies occur when the placenta continues forming in the uterus without a foetus to provide support. Partial molar pregnancies are when 2 sperms fertilize a single egg, but fails to develop into two foetuses.

The placenta then becomes abnormal and the foetus starts having too many chromosomes putting it at a high risk for spontaneous abortion. This can be overcome with the right medical advice. Seek a doctor’s advice and you will be able to avoid having a molar pregnancy.

Getting pregnant is a life altering process, choose the right doctor, receive the right advice and enjoy your pregnancy journey.