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Should You Feel Guilty About Treating Yourself?

Should You Feel Guilty About Treating Yourself? Posted on February 4, 2019

Most of us ignore ourselves when we treat our family and friends, even our pets much better than we do ourselves, but is that actually the right thing to do? Self-care is very important to a person’s life as it may make yourself much healthier and slow down the aging process whilst preventing stress.

Think About It

If you’ve either just received your salary or you just happen to have some cash around, think about this. How do you make other people happy if you aren’t? The only way you could be happy is if your body is feeling healthy and happy so why not give it to your body? So, before you think about how to treat someone else or save it, invest in yourself.

Make Yourself Look and Feel Pretty

There is a myriad of salons of beauty therapy Doreen offers. Head to one of them because you can never replicate the efficiency and the accuracy a beauty parlour offers, by yourself at home. Make your skin healthy and relax. For once try to embrace the feeling of someone caring for you as you do others.

If you have a specific preference of what you want to do, get it done or you could ask the beauty therapist to give you some directions on what you need. Beauty parlours offer a range of services for your skin, hair, nail, and some things that relax your mind, body and soul too.

Go Out to Eat

No, I do not mean to take someone else out with you and compromise things you’d like to do and places you’d like to go. Just take yourself out and have fun being with you. Learn what it is like to be surrounded by your own ambiance. With your fresh and hydrated skin, treat yourself to some pasta and wine or why stop there? Go wilder with a few shots or tequila or your favourite cocktail with a mouth-watering burger.

Find A Hobby

Maybe you liked your self-care session so much you either want to learn it on the side or you want to make it a regular once a week or month habit. Well, why not? If that’s what it takes for you to have something going on in your life, go for it. Most of us, when we hit the middle age, we start feeling empty, like we have no goals or like we have nothing going on. So, start now, have something to achieve by some time, challenge yourself and move forward with a hobby or a regular habit.

But Don’t Forget to Be Careful

Whilst in the spirit, you might forget that you have a future too. Yes, you do only live once but to make it a good one the whole time, you’ll need to invest in things in the future too. So, while you’re having all this fun, make sure your future self will be able to too.