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Things to Do When Your Little One Injures Their Tooth

Things to Do When Your Little One Injures Their Tooth Posted on November 23, 2017

It is almost inevitable that you little one is one day going to damage their tooth. This is at least a once in a life time event. But what matters is that you make the right decisions in the right time frame so that you can avoid permanent damage. Be it a fall or a ball knocking their tooth off the need to quickly attend to them and rush them to the proper care is very important. Here are some steps that you can take to ease the pain until you can get them to the right place for professional treatment.

Apply the Right Amount of Pressure

As soon as your little one has managed to hurt their tooth be it by falling or any other way make sure that you apply some pressure to it by asking them to bite down on a clean gauze or cloth. This will apply pressure and reduce the bleeding. If it’s a milk tooth then you don’t have to worry as the permanent one will grow in due time but if it is a permanent one make sure you rush them to the emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Don’t Underestimate the Damage

Just because it doesn’t look bad on the outside does not mean that you should relax and not take them to be attended to by professional care. It may look like everything is ok on the outside but the root could have easily got damaged or hurt which can end up in the whole tooth turning black if not attended to with proper care.

Apply Ice to Reduce Swelling and Bleeding

If it’s a small kid then it might be difficult to give them instruction to bite down on a gauze, so it would be a better option to give them an ice pop to place in their mouth. On the other hand you could also apply an ice pack to the affected area and make sure you quickly take them to get medical attention.

If the Tooth Is Broken In To Pieces

If it so happens that the tooth is broken into fragments and little pieces, you should quickly pick up the pieces and place them in a balanced salt solution or milk and get medical help. Permanent teeth have a chance to be fixed within the first fifteen minutes. So making sure that you move fast is very important.

If all fails you can stop worrying and understand that there are many methods of fixing a broken or damaged tooth. The technologically advanced methods enable one to have a crowning or any other method to give them new teeth that has been manufactured in labs. So at the end of the day it won’t be so bad. But to be on the safe side apply caution and make sure that the kids play in a safe environment. When they take part in sports, there is a high chance of sport injury related damages to the tooth. In such cases mouth guards should be worn to avoid unwanted damage.