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What Are the Most Common Oral Diseases and How Are They Treated?

What Are the Most Common Oral Diseases and How Are They Treated? Posted on December 20, 2017

Oral hygiene is not just about improving the conditions of your teeth. It is an indicator of the overall health of your body too. It can have significant effect on your personality as well. And unfortunately by the day, many are reported with oral diseases considered as fatal. Here are some common oral diseases.

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Dental Cavities

It is quite hard to stay away from dental cavities. The World Health Organization (WHO) has discovered that around 60 to 90 schoolchildren and adults have cavities. The cavities are caused mainly by the accumulation of plaque, which tends to emit an acid that destroys the enamel of the tooth. You can prevent this from happening by brushing your teeth and flossing them on a daily basis and booking at least semi-annual check-ups with your dentist. This will prevent it from hardening into tartar, which is hard to remove on your own. While the usual treatment for cavities is filling, if the tooth is extremely decayed, your dentist might need to remove it completely or cover it with a dental crown.

Gum Disease

There are several varieties of gum diseases that usually occur in adults. And their seriousness ranges from mildly to even bleeding gums that will result in tooth loss. Most gum diseases usually commence with gingivitis is resulting from plaque. This tends to irritate the soft tissues that are found along the gum line. And it gradually worsens as the number of bacteria also increases. This then results in the gum receding from the tooth and may result in an infection as well. You can visit the professionals at the dental clinics in Toorak to get help with the situation.

Injury Trauma

although this does not exactly count at as an actual disease, WHO declares that up to 40% of children worldwide experience traumatic injuries to their mouths as a result of conditions that are unsafe, violent activities and even accidents. The best bet to prevent your child from suffering such injuries is to encourage them to wear a mouth guard. But in the event of a coincidence, you should get the child immediate healthcare. If a tooth has been knocked out, it can be replaced if you wash it with water as soon as possible once you have visited the dentist.

Oral Cancers

Cancers of the mouth or throat are often seen nowadays what with the increased consumption of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. While regularly conducted dental check-ups are a great way to detect them, you yourself might not be able to see clear cut signs and symptoms when a cancer is at its early stages. Most cancers are treated by surgeons by removing the affected area. And this is often followed by radiation and chemotherapy.

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Infectious Diseases in the Mouth

A well-known infectious disease is oral blisters. The cold sores might occur along with few blisters under the tongue, around the lips and even on the soft tissues on the insides of your cheeks. Remember to treat a cold sore once you have spotted them with painkillers and mouthwash.