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Home Remedies To Ease Inflammation?

Home Remedies To Ease Inflammation? Posted on February 6, 2018

We all experience inflammation on a regular basis. The process of inflammation exists as a defense mechanism for our bodies. It is more of a symptom than a condition. An inflamed body part indicates that something is wrong within the system. It could be the result of a wound or an infection. Inflammation can also be coupled with fever, pain and itchiness.

While some inflammations indicate serious conditions that need to be evaluated by a doctor, most of the time an inflammation is a self limiting condition. There are many home remedies in place to help reduce the process of an inflammation and here are a few of them.

Heat And Ice – Extreme Temperatures Have An Effect On Inflammation

From a young age we are told to keep an ice pack on our head when we bump into something. Have you ever wondered about the reason behind it? The purpose is to avoid a big lump from forming on the head. The cold aids in blood flow and reduces the swelling in the area. The same applies to when ice is held to a bruised eye or lip to reduce the swelling and quicken the process of healing.

However, it is important to note that an ice pack should be kept on the affected area as soon as it comes to attention. Once the blood clots, it is impossible to reverse it without using drugs.

Heat also has its own anti-inflammatory properties. This also works by increasing blood flow to the system. However, in case the inflammation is coupled with fever, cold compression will always be favoured over warm.

Natural Products

Among the many uses of turmeric powder, its anti-inflammatory property is one that has been used for centuries. Mixing turmeric with an activator increases its ability to quickly heal inflammation. People blend turmeric in their homes using basic equipment and create a paste that can be easily applied. In a more advanced setting, the turmeric can be combined with a number of other substances to get better results.

Plenty Of Rest

The best way to battle any challenge with regard to your health is to get plenty of rest. The fact that you are experiencing inflammation means that your body is trying to fight off some kind of infection or injury. Therefore, it is your responsibility to support the body’s natural process by keeping it stress free – both mentally and physically. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get at least a day of complete rest to recover faster.

The Right Fluids Will Always Help

Something that goes hand in hand with rest is plenty of fluid. Fluid that contains nutrients strengthens your immune system and gives it a better chance at fighting off the problem. In addition, warm fluids also have the ability to relax your body and make you feel better. However, not all fluids are welcome at this point. If you are suffering from other illness such as GERD or gastritis, avoid citric fluids. The same applies to other conditions that are worsened by certain food.