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A Few Things Every Authentic Foodie Should Know

A Few Things Every Authentic Foodie Should Know Posted on January 27, 2018

Many people are self-proclaimed foodies, but few actually are. Regardless of whether you want to put a label on it, so long as you love food, then that is pretty much all the pre-requisites anyone needs! Globalization has thankfully allowed us to experience a multitude of vibrant and delectable cuisines from around the world, broadening our horizons and our palates in turn. On that note, every foodie always has the potential to go even further, perhaps even make careers of their passion such as becoming a food critic, chef, or culinary instructor. Here are a few steaming tips to get you started on your foodie journey.

Craft Your Own Kitchen Skills

Guzzling food down is all well and good, but what about actually making something? How proficient are your cooking skills? Not that you need to participate in Masterchef or anything, but would you not like to impress friends and family with some unique skills? Cooking can be therapeutic, and a great learning experience. Plus, it is a whole lot of fun to discover where your special culinary gifts lie. Start small and work your way up. Thanks to the Internet, you can extract whatever information you need.

Try New Places Conscientiously

Sometimes we hop into a place we have never been to before because it is either on our way or because we want to kill some time around the area. But that is not quite what you have to do. Though it no doubt expands your map of food places, seeking them our purposefully and then making an effort to go there offers a whole lot more. You know what to look for, and if you are in the industry professionally, say as a food blogger for instance, you can create a specific breakdown of what that quaint Townsville cafe was like, to let others know.

Master The Basics

Though we did say you did not really have to train for Masterchef to up your foodie status, you still should ideally learn how to whip up basic dips and sauces. Take guacamole or hummus, for instance. It even becomes super easy to put together a late-night snack when you have fresh, home-made dips waiting for you, not to mention guilt-free indulgence. Plus, you get to stay away from store-bought products which contain ingredients you cannot even pronounce. This is particularly useful for those who need to focus on their health or weight loss goals as well.

Must-have breakfast sandwich: Crispy, buttery bread with eggs, bacon, guacamole and melted cheese!


Being a foodie is not about trying out the thing you like and the things you know you are going to like. It is about pushing boundaries, testing new waters, and taking yourself that extra mile. You will definitely not acquire a taste for everything in your path, but that is part of the experience isn’t it? Being bold and brave is necessary for foodies, otherwise you will not really learn or discover anything. Everything is an adventure, and adventures do not look for you, you stumble across them. Better yet, grab an equally ardent foodie and take them along for double the fun!